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Sales & Marketing


- Know my customers (internal and external)

- Customers are not Right or Wrong - they are HAPPY or UNHAPPY

(happy ones pay and repeat)

- Sales is simply good communication, where the objective is to affect action

- Selling: get an order, get the order paid for, get a repeat order

- Superior product, Competitive cost, Timely delivery

- Understand human nature

- Easier to sell to an existing happy customer

- Listen... Find pain... Empathize

- Enthusiasm is contagious

- Know customer's interests, review them before a meeting, keep it current

- Re-direct a question 3 times to get to the true issue (why, why, why)


- Know my product

- Know core competencies

- What separates the product/service from competition

- Present in an easy-to-understand manner

- Know where the customers are and Who they are

- Know customers' needs and pains

- Understand customers' need for my product/service

- How, When and Where to buy the product/service

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